Welcome to our shooting family!

You can become a member of the Federation:

If you wish to join a large and friendly family.
If you have a 12-to 20-gauge shotgun as well as all relevant documents.
If you are at least 12 years old.

The youngest shooter is 12 years old, and the oldest is 93.

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Not sure that sporting it for you?

Immerse yourself in this atmosphere and you will have no doubts!
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Why should you join us?

Ability to learn how to shoot accurately.
Opportunity to represent Ukraine at the International Cups and Championships.
The opportunity to meet people of completely different professions.
The ability to spend your free time with benefit.
In our federation, everyone can shoot: men, women and their children! We are waiting for you!
The sporting unites more than 56 countries and more than 1 million shooters.


President of the Federation
Master of Sports of Ukraine


Vice-president of the Federation
Master of Sports of International level

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